"Setting up Talking Matters is one of the best things I have done. It allows me to provide the quality service my clients expect and to develop new ideas for making that service even better" Sue Jackson, Managing Director
Years of experience have taught us one very important and deceptively simple lesson. The output of qualitative research is only as good as the input.

At a time when everyone in the research chain is being put under increasing pressure you have to be able to trust the reliability and quality of your fieldwork agency and of your respondents.

At Talking Matters our professionalism and attention to detail are second to none. From receiving your brief, through questionnaire writing and the pre validation of respondents, this attitude is at the heart of everything we do.

Qualitative recruitment is successful only if every little detail of your project is understood, put in place and double checked. We pride ourselves on anticipating the things that make your project go smoothly and avoiding the things that could compromise it.

So we:

  • Create clear, decisive lines of communication with clients

       and those in the field working on our behalf.

  • Pride ourselves on being an experienced and approachable

       executive team.

  • Give you precise and straightforward recruitment specifications.

  • Send you individual respondent profiles before fieldwork starts.

  • Offer excellent questionnaire writing skills.

  • Guarantee strong quality control including random pre-

       checking on every project.

  • Commit to keeping up to date with the latest thinking and best

       practice in research recruitment.

Quality control is an important part of our work. Recognising its importance is an attitude of mind at Talking Matters. It is also evident in our project administration
Tight project control:
All market research recruitment is people intensive and the greater the number of people involved, the greater the opportunity exists for wires to get crossed.

Every one of our projects is controlled by one of our head office executives. They liaise with our team of area managers and with each of our trained interviewers but take the final responsibility for your project themselves.

Validation and pre checking:
We believe nothing should be left to chance. You want to know before your research takes place that everything is as it should be.

This is why validation takes place before a project starts, rather than after it has happened. If we feel it is necessary, we validate every respondent before your research begins. If we are still not happy, we will save you time and money by recruiting again so that the quality of your research results is safeguarded.

Attention to detail:
A little extra effort can make a disproportionate amount of difference. This is why clients with complex, sensitive or unusual fieldwork requests come back to us time and again.

As an example, we often recruit from client customer lists. In such cases we understand how important those customers are to a client. Therefore validation takes the form of a courtesy call before or after group sessions to check that our interviewer was polite and courteous and that the respondent found the experience enjoyable.

We find that respondents recruited this way have as much commitment to a project as those recruited face to face.

All in all, we regard your concerns as our concerns and do our utmost to treat you; your clients and their customers professionally and with respect.