We are fully independent which allows us to conduct all types of qualitative recruitment for any sector. Our areas of expertise are:

Consumer and business to business research, including:


  • Financial research


  • Advertising research, including new product development/creative research


  • Food, including branding, packaging and children's research


  • Media research


  • Telecommunications


  • Internet brand and site development


  • Range of business to business research


  • Recruitment of high net worth individuals



  • Standard focus groups


  • Mini groups


  • Friendship groups


  • Family groups & panels


  • Childrens' groups


  • List recruitment


  • Depths


  • Accompanied shops (ASTs)

  • Pairs, friendship pairs, sibling pairs


  • Trios & triads


  • ECGs (extended creativity groups)


  • Workshops (all day & half day)


  • Innovative techniques for pre tasking


  • Product placement and recall groups


  • Conflict groups/paired depths


  • Website Usability testing